Romaner av Christian Monö

The Academy

”I want you to remember something, Mr Hallman. At The Academy, you’re always evaluated. Even when you least expect it.”

Axel is an imposter. A liar. He has no interest in ruling the world and yet he’s about to enter The Eagle King’s Academy.

In a world that is obsessed with leadership, The Academy is legendary. It only admits twelve students every three years, but once they graduate, these unknown students will become the most powerful and influential leaders of their time. They will rule the world.

Now, against his will, Axel is taken to a secret location to begin his training. But nothing is as it seems.

Behind the luxurious and polished façade awaits a world full of lies, ambitions and dark secrets. Before long, Axel finds himself trapped in a very sinister game of power. A game far worse than anyone could’ve imagined.

The Academy is the first book in the Eagle King’s Academy Series. An extraordinary and original story of power, deception, and betrayal.

Immerse yourself into a grand story of power and betrayal. Perfect for fans of thrilling suspense, dark conspiracies, and extravagant settings.

Bok 2: The Box: Puppet & Puppetteers 

The Box by c.c. monö

A few years after Sarah Wangai vanished, Hayato Sano graduated from the Eagle King’s Academy. Two days later, he disappeared.

Axel faces his greatest challenge yet when he and his fellow students attend the most extravagant party of the year – the Diamond. The students are forced to test their skills against the world’s foremost elite. But the games Axel play turn treacherous, and soon he finds himself playing for his life.

Meanwhile, The Box is stepping out of the shadows. No one knows they’re coming; no one but Axel.

The Box: Puppets and Puppeteers is the second book in the acclaimed Eagle King’s Academy Series.

Bok 3: The Challenge

Ännu inte utgiven. Jag håller fortfarande på att skriva boken. 🙂